Recognizing a President’s Service

Posted by on Oct 1, 2016 in Chapter News

On September 29, multiple generations of descendants of soldiers of the War of 1812 gathered to honor the service of President James Buchanan. More than two dozen came out on a rainy morning to commemorate his service with a grave marking that included a display of patriotism.

Members & an Associate of the Captain William Magill Chapter stand behind the new War of 1812 marker at President James Buchanan’s grave.

Three members of the Captain William Magill Chapter were in attendance, in addition to an associate member. The event was a special opportunity to join ladies from all corners of the state, as all three chapters of the Pennsylvania Society, Daughters of 1812 were represented.

Members pledged allegiance to the flag, sang the national anthem, and recited the American’s Creed before the grave marker was unveiled. The service included a representative from Bugles Across America and the Pennsylvania State President of the National Society Children of 1812. The event was hosted by the Robert Fulton Chapter, based out of Lancaster.

During the War of 1812, James Buchanan, Pennsylvania’s only president, served as a private in the Pennsylvania militia. He served in the 1st Brigade, 4th Division, a company of light dragoons led by Henry Shippen. Buchanan initially refused to enlist early on, but changed his mind when the British invaded Maryland in 1814. His service in the war included the defense of Baltimore at the Battle of North Point. This battle coincided with the British bombardment of Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key penned the poem that would become our national anthem.

Many markers for veterans of this era are disappearing, which is why Daughters across Pennsylvania are making a special effort to document more War of 1812 patriot burial locations.