Remembering Our Patriots

Our dedication to historic preservation isn’t just about saving artifacts or transcribing a few records. It also means making the important information more accessible for those interested in early American history. For this reason, our chapter has set up virtual cemeteries on the free website FindAGrave where we will document the final resting locations of chapter patriots, Pennsylvania War of 1812 veterans, and Real Daughters of these patriots as we find them in our research.

Our members’ proven patriots represent 10 of the 18 states admitted to the union at the time of the War of 1812.

Chapter Member Patriots:

John Adkins, Virginia Nathaniel Hobart, New Hampshire
John Arundell, Virginia John Howey, Pennsylvania
James Bartlett, Kentucky Samuel Knight, Georgia
James Madison Bartlett, Kentucky Thomas Lamoreaux, Pennsylvania
David Bevier, New York William Myers, New Jersey
James Burroughs, New Jersey Samuel Neidich, Pennsylvania
Adam Clum, New York Thomas Park, Connecticut
John Cribbs, Pennsylvania & Ohio Asa Slayton, Massachusetts
Alanson Green, New York Almond Spoon, Vermont
Joseph Hart, Pennsylvania Andrew Weir, Virginia
James Heinlein, Pennsylvania Daniel Welker, Pennsylvania